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We are a brand that has been gaining quite some traction now. The reasons behind are simple – we are a hair salon in Odessa, FL with a purpose. Our mission is to revolutionize the way haircuts are provided.

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(813) 926-1555

Men’s Hair Color Services in Odessa FL
At CutzNClips, we providemen’s hair color service that is more than just a style statement. We offer a lifestyle choice for our all our clients. Additionally, we provide haircuts, facial hair grooming, and hairstyling services for men. Get the best services with our phenomenal line of hair products today. Visit us at our hair salon in Odessa, FL right next to Winn Dixie off Gunn Highway.
Trendiest Haircuts for Women in Odessa
Our haircuts for women are the trendiest hairstyles brought to you from all around the world.Our customers are always pouring onto our social media accounts with testimonials and a lot of love for our hairstylists. We welcome you to browse all our other salon services for women too. Our expert hairstylists at CutzNClips offer a wide range of services.
Kid’s Hair Salon
Our salons are specially equipped to handle all kinds of kids. The caring and patient hair stylists can handle kids from different backgrounds, ethnicities, and ages.With trendy haircuts for kids and teens, we are a kid’s hair salon unlike any other you have ever seen in Odessa, FL! Get the best haircut and styling for yourkids today!

What People Say
(813) 926-1555

  • My hair was getting thinner by the day. So, I went to CutzNClips for a consultation and they gave me an awesome haircut so that my hair didn’t look wispy any more. I am SO happy with their hairstylists. Definicalltoy coming back soon!
    - Emily Smith

    Emily Smith

  • I am so in love with this hair salon for kids. The environment is so friendly and my son gets to meet so many kids from the neighborhood. Also, their staff is really friendly and they love kids a lot. We have going to CutzNClips for over a year now.
    - Samantha Lee

    Samantha Lee

  • I had a really bad hair day. EVERYDAY. That’s when a friend of mine told me that CutzNClips was the best hair salon in Odessa, FL. I am so glad that I took his advice and came here. I have a brand new look and their hairstylists showed me how to take proper care of my hair.
    - Nirwana Guha

    Nirwana Guha

Our Blog

Hair Salon in Odessa, FL

by Admin, 08 August 2018

How often do you walk into hair salons in Odessa, FL and walk out with some hairstyle that you never wanted? How often do you go to Odessa barber shops that are ridiculously overpriced just because they have a big brand name?
Barber Shop Odessa

by Admin, 08 August 2018

There are haircuts and then there are haircuts. Unlike other Odessa barber shops, at CutzNClips, we understand that everyone has a different personality. No one wants to stick to the same barbershop styles anymore. That is exactly why we give each customer a haircut and style that pops, sizzles, and oozes with personality.
odessa barber shops

by Admin, 08 August 2018

At CutzNClips, we never get a one-time client. All our clients keep coming back for more and we keep sharing our favorite haircuts on social media. We encourage all our customers to do the same and CutzNClips is the hair salon in Odessa, Florida that everyone is talking about.

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